John Roberts (source: Wikipedia)

January 27 is Chief Justice John Roberts’ birthday.

So, the big discussion on Twitter today is whether or not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will intervene in the impeachment trial of President Trump. It appears as if the White House has had a copy of John Bolton’s soon-to-be-released book since December, making their arguments against calling witnesses in the trial even more ridiculously corrupt than before.

When I noticed that today is Roberts’ birthday, I looked up his chart to discover that transiting Pluto is making a once-in-a-lifetime first opposition with his natal Jupiter, and that transiting Saturn is opposite his natal Uranus by mere minutes. This is such an important time in his life!

I know that Trump’s natal Saturn is stuck between these two planets at 23 49″ Cancer, so it is fascinating for me to observe how this is all going to work out. I’ve predicted bad things for Trump plenty of times in the past, but they just aren’t happening soon enough for me. I want him to get what’s coming to him now!

Anyway, I hope that John Roberts is going to rule that the witnesses must testify in the Senate trial. This is his moment to make history, and with these heavyweight planets breathing down the neck of his judge’s robe, I can’t imagine that he’ll sit back idly and watch democracy die right before his eyes.

But I could be wrong. This is America we’re talking about, after all . . .

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