Forecast (source: The Weather Network)

Here’s a screen shot of the current weather where I live. After I finish writing this post, I’m going to walk to the gym in that -40°C windchill. Thankfully, I’ve learned to dress for weather like this after living my entire life in a city that can actually be among the “coldest places on earth.”

About the time that I’ll be arriving at the gym, Mercury will be entering my fourth house. The message I’m getting from this transit is “STAY INDOORS!” It’s going to be there for much of this cold snap, and then it turns retrograde shortly after moving into my fifth house. It backtracks into my fourth house before reentering my fifth house on the day that I begin my vacation. I leave for Las Vegas on the following day.

This all seems like perfect timing to me. Just when I’m going to be forced to be housebound, my horoscope is telling me that I’m going to be okay with being housebound. I think I can live with that.

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