American Money (source: Bloomberg)

Three months from now, I’ll be waking up in Las Vegas.

I woke up this morning resolving to behave myself until then because I really would like to have a pile of money to spend while I’m there. I’m staying at the newly-renovated (and renamed) Park MGM which connects to the City Center complex. That’s where The Shops at Crystals is located. It’s my favorite mall in the entire world! I can’t really afford to shop there, but I just like to be there. Being in beautiful places is good for my soul.

Anyway, I was looking at my horoscope for the next couple of days and I realized that Jupiter is in opposition with my natal moon. “Cafe Astrology” offers the following interpretation of the event:

“Depending on your character and life situation, you might be feeling especially optimistic or emotionally self-indulgent during this transit. Some of us experience swings from optimism to self-pity. Problems rooted in the past and with family and early childhood are apt to surface during this period, and productivity may be adversely affected as you nurse your wounds. There can be a tendency to put on weight or to be financially extravagant. If this is the case, recognize that it’s a sign that you are looking for emotional satisfaction in the wrong places. You may be questioning the amount of support you are receiving from others, but be aware that your judgment on this matter is likely skewed. You might be setting others up on some level to prove to yourself how unsupported you are. We all need to feel emotionally supported, and this transit makes us more aware of that need. Ideal handling of this transit is facing what it is you feel is lacking in your life — that which is causing you to feel unhappy. The fact is, if you choose to reach out to others at this time, it is more likely than not that they will be receptive to you, as long as you sincerely want them to be.”

So, I’m supposed to reach out to others for what is lacking in my life? Okay! Here I go . . .

Please send me money so that I can feel emotionally-supported on my upcoming trip. I’d start a Go-Fund-Me, but that seems so formal. You can just stuff a few bills into an envelope and drop it in the mail. And whatever you do, don’t stop to question whether or not what you’re doing is “the right thing to do.” Just let the universe show you the way.

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