Boris Johnson & Donald Trump (source: Sky News)

I have a question for my fellow astrologers.

The House of Representatives just voted to impeach Donald Trump. While the vote was happening, the moon was exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury, and the north node was less than half-a-degree away from that exact spot.

Does that alignment have any significance as far as you are concerned? Trump is a Gemini, after all, so Mercury does take on added significance in his horoscope. But what about this event occurring on the nodal axis? How important is that?

I practice character-based astrology more than I practice predictive techniques, so figuring out how the nodes play out in this scenario isn’t really in my wheelhouse. For that reason, I would be thrilled to know what other astrologers have to say about this event.

Drop me a line in the comments section or on any one of my social media accounts.

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