Bridget Hall (source: SI)

Yesterday, I resolved to stop allowing myself to get sucked into the endless “Breaking News” cycle on cable news and social media because something in the stars was telling me that I could use my time in not only a more productive manner, but also a more personally-gratifying manner.

Only a day after I made that resolution to change the channel, I’ve already confirmed the time of birth of another famous model simply by engaging with her on Instagram. Bridget Hall, one of the nicest people in the fashion business, got back to me only a few minutes after I sent her a message.

It’s not the first time we’ve corresponded, and it’s not the first time I’ve corresponded with a famous fashion personality in order to confirm someone’s birth details via social media. For instance, just a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to ascertain that Kirsten Owen is a Sagittarius because of a discussion we had on Guinevere van Seenus’ Instagram page.

Celebrities may not be as eager to engage with me on social media as they were more than a decade ago when I started blogging, but I need to remember that being rejected or ignored by one star doesn’t mean that the entire galaxy wants nothing to do with me. My Cancer moon can make me put up a wall so that I don’t get into situations where I need to be defensive (curiously, Bridget Hall’s Capricorn moon is mere minutes from my natal sun, so maybe she had something to teach me about my over-protective nature).

Anyway, there was a time that I actually found it quite easy to get people to talk to me. Yesterday’s Venus/Saturn conjunction in my third house and has reminded me of that, and today’s full moon has confirmed it. I need to use social media to be more social. My psychological well-being depends upon it.

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