Lindsey Graham (source: Vanity Fair)

Venus conjoined Saturn this morning in Capricorn.

Venus rules over my Libra ascendant and Saturn rules over my Capricorn sun. I should pay more attention to the aspects they form with one another and how they affect me. For instance, this conjunction occurred in my third house almost exactly trine my natal Pluto.

So, how am I feeling as a result of the meeting of these transiting planets? Well, I got up and changed the channel from MSNBC so that I wouldn’t have to listen to Lindsey Graham kissing Donald Trump’s ass at the Senate Judiciary Hearings for one more minute. I’m in a good mood! Why ruin it?

Perhaps this conjunction’s trine to my natal Pluto in the eleventh house is making me reconsider how I’m spending my spare time consuming electronic media. I can easily get lost in all the political drama south of the border, wasting hours and hours watching cable news shows and reading Twitter simultaneously. Like a lot of people born in my generation who are undergoing the same transits at the moment, I’ve let the so-called “Breaking News” cycle dominate my thoughts for far too long. It’s time to turn my back on this bullshit. Who the f*** cares what a hypocritical sack of crap like Lindsey Graham has to say about anything?

Changing the channel was a positive step in the right direction! Let’s see if I use this transit as a catalyst to make a positive, practical change in my life.

Wish me luck!

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