Spago (source:

The sun is conjunct my natal Neptune today. After waiting three years for the impeachment of Donald Trump, I don’t even feel like watching the spectacle on television.

When this transit happened a year ago, I wrote a post called “Escape” about how eager I was to get away from it all. In fact, the word “escape” explained exactly how I felt at the time. Today, my horoscope is titled “Withdrawal.” I suppose that word is just as accurate in describing my state of mind during this conjunction. The passage offers the following advice:

“You may want to flee the everyday universe and go off into some private world of your own. A relatively harmless manifestation of this is daydreaming, but it can also surface as a full-scale effort to evade reality. If you feel the need to withdraw from the real world, you would get the most benefit from going off by yourself to meditate or contemplate.”

Curiously, I went online earlier to see if Spago in Las Vegas still serves my favorite pasta dish, then I looked in my own pantry to see if I have the ingredients to replicate it myself. If I can’t get away literally, I’m ready to escape and/or withdrawal into my own imagination. I might turn off the TV for a while and put on some music, and maybe I’ll do some yoga, too. Whatever I decide to do, I won’t allow myself to waste this day watching the impeachment hearings. This is a pleasant aspect and it would be a shame to waste it on something that has so little consequence in my life.

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