Diane von Furstenberg presentation, Fall Winter 2017, New York Fashion Week, USA - 12 Feb 2017
Jonathan Saunders (source: WWD)

November 8 is Jonathan Saunders’ birthday.

I seem to be the definitive online source for Jonathan Saunders’ birthday. I learned it one day while I was conversing with a friend who is a friend of the designer. She texted him to find out his birthday for me, and he responded immediately. While I didn’t confirm the year of his birth at the time, there are plenty of online sources that claim he was born in 1977.

I like him so much and I miss what he brought to fashion as both the designer for his eponymous label and as the chief creative officer for Diane von Furstenberg. So, I drew up a chart for noon in Glasgow, Scotland on November 8, 1977 to see what else I could learn about the designer. While I was doing that, I came across the article linked above that let me know that Saunders has been the creative director of China’s Lily brand for at least a few months (and maybe even longer).

The funny thing is that I follow Saunders on Instagram where he barely posts anything. He’s quite secretive! I also follow a lot of fashion news that is usually more definitive than this article in “WWD” that mentions “Saunders has been creative director of the Shanghai-based brand since this past spring,” although it was first reported in September. Why doesn’t anyone know?

I suppose its because Saunders doesn’t really care if anyone knows. He’s kind of great at going about his own business and being terrific at what he does without seeking out public gratification. With the sun, Mercury and Uranus in Scorpio, I can understand that. It’s likely that those planets also inhabit a house that doesn’t thrive on adulation, like the eighth or the twelfth.

Other highlights of his horoscope include the moon, Venus, Pluto and the north node in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, and both Mars and Saturn in Leo.

While I’m glad that I can pull up a chart for Saunders, I’d be even happier to learn his time of birth. I’d like to put the planets in his horoscope into the houses to see if that would explain where he gets his “sense” for color. No one in the business has a better handle on how colors combine to evoke an emotional response. He’s like the Mark Rothko of fashion. Rothko was a Libra with a Scorpio moon, so maybe there is something in that area of the chart that would explain why these two men share this unique talent.

I should email my friend and get her to bug him again. I’m reluctant, though, because he probably doesn’t want anyone to know. Like a lot of famous Scorpios, I don’t think he really likes people talking about him. I guess I can respect that . . .

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