Brain (source: Physics World)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been complaining about a few transits that have been occurring in my chart.

First of all, Mars was moving through my twelfth house, causing me to have me weird dreams and waking me up in the middle of the night. Since it moved into my first house, I’ve not only been getting more uninterrupted sleep, but I’ve been tiring myself out during the day. The increase in my physical energy level has been a gift from the heavens.

Secondly, Saturn has been like a wet blanket on my sense of self-expression lately as it has recently formed its third and final conjunction with my natal sun after finally going direct in mid-September. I’ve been in a creative rut, but even with the planet beginning to separate from the aspect (it’s still only half-a-degree away from my sun), I’m starting to feel as if my freedom from the transit is imminent.

Finally, retrograde Mercury is making a favorable trine to my midheaven that has my mind racing a million miles a minute — only this time I feel as if I’m keeping up with the increase to my mental activity. Right here, right now, I’m even typing faster and with more precision than I’ve experienced in as long as I can remember.

Maybe this aspect is like the cosmos’ version of double shot of espresso. All of a sudden, I feel wide awake and ready to take on the world. I did notice how well I was communicating verbally with my classes at the gym the last time this happened (before Mercury went retrograde). Now I expect this event to reoccur in about four weeks, not long after the planet goes direct.

I need to pay attention to this particular transit because it repeats with such regularity. I may even need to pay attention to the Mercury square that accompanies it to understand if that configuration has the opposite effect on me. Am I tongue-tied and uncommunicative when Mercury squares my midheaven? Maybe I am!

Anyway, I’m going to resolve to pay more attention to the easy-to-follow sequence of recurring aspects between Mercury and the important angles of my horoscope. It’s probably more practical than just saying “Mercury must be retrograde” every time I struggle to write a blog post, or stumble over my own words when I’m leading classes at the gym. As any experienced astrologer knows, that’s kind of a cop-out . . .

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