Jean Shrimpton (source: World of Wonder)

November 6 is Jean Shrimpton’s birthday.

If you’re not familiar with the work of Jean Shrimpton, the article linked above provides a terrific summary of the high points of her career. She really did transform the idea of what a fashion model was capable of doing, in typical Scorpio style.

Of course, her natal chart shows more than just the sun in Scorpio. She also has Venus in the sign (along with a Scorpio ascendant). The moon, Mercury and Mars all reside in Libra. If the time of birth on astrotheme.com is correct, all five planets are in a fairly tight bundle occupying her eleventh and twelfth houses.

While I’m often the first person to question a birth time on the half-hour (it often indicates a rough estimate recalled from memory), I can accept this scenario. With the sun, Venus and Mars in the twelfth house, it makes sense that Shrimpton would be quoted in the “Guardian” saying that “Fashion is full of dark, troubled people.”

Why do I believe that makes sense? Because someone with that twelfth house stellium would either be destroyed by the darkness of fashion, or they would walk away from fashion and never look back. To her own credit, Shrimpton chose to walk away.

I don’t have a time of birth for Gemma Ward, but I do know that she also has a similar layout of planets in her natal chart (the sun and Venus in Scorpio; Mercury and Mars in Libra), with Pluto in Scorpio standing in for Shrimpton’s moon in Libra. It’s a similar bundle, and curiously enough it occurs in the chart of another fashion model who walked away from fashion after a few illustrious years at the very top of the game.

It all makes me wonder what time Gemma Ward was born. The similarities are uncanny and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the models also share a rising sign. However, there is one big difference between the two models: Ward’s moon in Aries is in the opposite sign from Shrimpton’s Libra moon. Ward eventually found her way back to fashion, while Shrimpton never did.

It’s always fun to discover that a couple of famous people with similar career trajectories also share similar horoscopes. I’ve looked at these charts before, but I only put two and two together today. I’m just glad that I could get excited about someone’s chart, even if it was just for a few minutes. Now that Saturn is getting off my back, maybe I’m finally getting my astrological groove back . . .

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