Mariacarla Boscono (source: IMG Models)

September 20 is Mariacarla Boscono’s birthday.

Astrotheme has a natal chart for the model with an estimated time of birth based on a comment she made on Twitter. There’s only one problem with the estimation: it puts Mars in the first house within half-a-degree of her Scorpio ascendant. As the planet that rules over her ascendant, it would be a big deal if it was in the twelfth house rather than the first (using Placidus houses, of course). I only had to adjust the estimated birth time by three measly minutes to see the aforementioned change.

That’s the problem with estimating a time of birth. It’s even a problem with birth times that are slightly inaccurate. I have no idea how many analog clocks in delivery rooms are actually set to the correct time. At the gym where I work, almost every clock displays a different time. Some are even set intentionally fast by staff who think it will trick members to get out of the workout center a few minutes before closing time so that they don’t hold up the staff who are trying to lock up the facility. I know, right?

Bad birth times are the bane of astrologers. People who don’t understand the complexities of astrology don’t really appreciate why we value accuracy in the way that we do. Sure, an orb of a few seconds one way or the other isn’t going to change the interpretation of a Mars/ascendant conjunction, but Mars in the twelfth house is a comparatively-weak position to Mars in the first house. For someone using the Placidus house system, it makes all the difference in the world.

So, I don’t even want to discuss Mariacarla’s chart! Actually, I’ve brought her name up several times before on this blog while discussing the esoteric appeal of Virgo models. I stick by those words. I just don’t want to get into the details of her horoscope when the hallmark of her sign could be in one of two places. If I knew more about her personally, I’d make a guess like the one I made when I discussed a similar situation in Beyoncé’s chart. In this case, I’m just going to admit that I don’t know where to begin.

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