Trump, Washington, USA - 09 Aug 2019
Donald Trump (source: Variety)

Jupiter forms it’s final square to Neptune today. The first occurred back in January, followed by a retrograde square in June. The third and final pass should provide some resolution to what has been going on throughout 2019 — or at least the recognition that a problem exists.

When the first square was exact on January 13, I published a post offering the following advice:

“For a lot of people, this year will be one where you are led down the proverbial garden path. Many of you are already on your way. I shake my head any time I read that Donald Trump still has about a third of Americans supporting him at any given moment. I thought that Evangelical Christians read the Bible. Even I know the story of the golden calf, and I’m not churchy at all.”

Today, we’re in a similar place where Donald Trump is still leading his flock down a garden path. His corruption knows no bounds, as the current whistleblower scandal involving the President of Ukraine has revealed. And yet this Jupiter/Neptune square continues to allow his followers to worship at his altar. I thought that perhaps it would help them to see the error of their ways. Instead, it only strengthened the collective delusion they share that tells them that they are supporting the “chosen one.”

So, I’m not even going to try to “deprogram” any of them in the future. I’m done with attempting to use logic or facts to argue with America’s own version of the Taliban. This Jupiter/Neptune cycle has revealed the depth of my delusion that I can reach out to the morally vacant. I now understand how futile it is to try to find the soul in people who are already lost.

I guess that I should be glad that I learned something from this alignment. Next time it happens, I guess I’ll know what to expect.

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