Saturn (source: The Atlantic)

Saturn went direct yesterday.

Technically, it doesn’t really start moving for a couple more days, but the actual retrograde cycle that began in April is finally over. The ringed planet exits its retrograde shadow on Christmas Eve when it revisits the degree where the cycle began (which is coincidentally the same spot where Pluto is right now).

I’m eager for Saturn to get moving. It’s hovering just a little over a degree away from my natal sun in Capricorn, making me feel heavy — both literally and figuratively. Even though I’ve been impressing myself with my strength at the gym lately, I still feel as if everything I do requires much more effort than it has in the past. I guess that just proves that nothing comes easy with Saturn: it makes us work for peanuts, but the gains we eventually accrue under its influence are substantial and long-lasting.

Curiously, I started a new job during Saturn’s station. I’m working at the gym where I’ve worked out and volunteered for almost three decades. I know the facility and the organization that runs the facility very well, and so far my experience there has been met with the respect it deserves. That seems awfully “Saturnian” to me.

Hopefully, as Saturn starts to move away from my natal sun in mid-November, I’ll start to feel more creative. At the moment, it is my desire to sit at this computer and create something of value that has really been suffering during this transit. So, instead of forcing myself to write, I’ve been laying the groundwork for a project that I’ve been discussing on this blog for a while now. I can honestly say that the soil has been prepared and the seeds have been planted, but I haven’t started watering yet. I’ll get to that when the time is right.

Anyway, if you feel as if nothing is moving forward quickly enough in your life, you’re probably right. Still, this is not the time to force the issue. Give it a couple more weeks — or a couple more months if Saturn is making adverse aspects to personalized planets or points in your chart. I know that I’m going to be in a much better place to forge ahead by mid-November. I can live with this pace until then.

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