Halle Berry (source: popsugar.com)

August 14 is Halle Berry’s birthday.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked up Halle Berry’s natal chart before. Wow! It’s a treasure trove of super-close aspects that would make any astrologer vibrate with excitement.

Her ascendant is conjunct her first house north node by less than a degree. Her sixth-house Neptune is conjunct her seventh-house south node by just over a degree. The axis formed by this configuration is closely squared by her fourth-house Leo sun.

She has Mars conjunct Jupiter by just over a degree in Cancer in the third house. Not far from those planets is her Cancer Venus in the fourth house, sitting exactly half-a-degree off of her IC. A few degrees away, she has a conjunction of the moon and Mercury in Leo with a 6″ orb. She even has the generational Uranus/Pluto conjunction in her chart (just like me and many of the people with whom I grew up), but hers is in the fifth house, making a nice trine to her ascendant and a sextile to her Neptune.

I like to believe that I have a talent for looking at a natal chart and seeing the hallmarks of that chart without a lot of effort. It’s something I brag about on this blog. However, in this case, I’m kind of dumbfounded. There is just so much to go on!

Anyway, if I had to pick something that caught my eye, it would be the aforementioned ascendant axis. At a glance, it makes me believe that Halle Berry had a date with fate for her entire life. I bet that she knew that she was going to be famous, and that she didn’t have a problem dreaming out loud as a child while the people around her rolled their eyes at her “delusions of grandeur.”

I know nothing about the actress personally, so I may be completely wrong. If I had the opportunity to ask her if she had a strong sense of destiny in her life, I would. This is the chart of someone who could be an award-winning actress, or world ruler, or the leader of a cult, etc. In fact, she could have been anything that she wanted to be.

It’s a fascinating chart! I imagine that anyone born on the same day would benefit from many of the more-positive planetary positions in this horoscope. But to be born at the exact moment when the moon and its nodes line up so perfectly with the planets and the angles is all so amazing.

I’m still vibrating . . .

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