Cats (source: wdef.com)

The trailer for the film adaptation of “Cats” came out last week, and the internet wasn’t really feeling it. I watched it and I was quite amazed at how far CGI technology has come. Still, it’s not really the kind of movie I would line up to see. Now, if they adapted “Starlight Express” for the silver screen, that would be another story. It could be the “Roller Boogie” of its generation.

But I digress! The sun entered Leo last night. Mars is already there and Venus moves into the sign late Saturday night. When Mercury goes direct and returns to the sign on August 11, we’ll have a week with four planets in the sign.

It’s been a while since all these heavenly bodies got together, but they will be traveling in a pack — or is it a pride? — well into September. I don’t usually use terms like “Leo Season” to describe the sun’s transit through a sign (like every second third-rate astrologer on Twitter), but with four of the swift-moving planets in the sign all at once, the description is apt.

But what does that really mean? For about a week in mid-August, cat-like, Leonine energy will be pervasive. Expect the best that the sign has to offer (benevolence; graciousness) and the worst that the sign has to offer (arrogance; excessive pride). And from August 18 to August 30, Donald Trump will be emboldened by multiple conjunctions of these transiting planets to his ascending degree. If you thought that some CGI cats were horrific, just wait!

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve got anything to worry about. In fact, I’ve probably got plenty to look forward to once all these planets start to transit Virgo simultaneously, making positive aspects to my natal sun and the planets currently transiting Capricorn. I might like cats a lot, but I’ll take virgin season any day over cat season. I just wonder what kind of photo I’ll post when I discuss virgin season on this blog. Maybe just a pic of some teenagers playing Pokémon Go . . .

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