Alice Temperley (source: The Resident)

July 22 is Alice Temperley’s birthday.

I was quite confident that Alice Temperley would be a Cancer when I looked up her chart just a moment ago. Nothing about her signature style or her label says “Leo” to me, even though she was born on a day when the sun often moves from Cancer to Leo. In fact, I’ve written extensively about Oscar de la Renta and how his label reflected both Cancer and Leo sensibilities. He was born on a day where the sun switched signs, and his chart is nothing like the horoscope of Alice Temperley, even though they share a birthday.

Temperley definitely has the sun, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer, the moon in Leo, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Taurus. It’s a muddy mix that reminds me why I attribute some very “traditional” designers to the earth and water signs.

To be honest, I don’t pay enough attention to the bridal fashion business because I hate weddings so much, so I didn’t even realize that Temperley is considered to be a bridal designer until I read the article that accompanied the photo I posted above. In “Star Struck Style” I discuss the bridal gown in the Cancer chapter, along with Vera Wang: another designer who has achieved a great deal of success in the bridal wear business. Oscar de la Renta is also discussed in the same chapter, and so is Carolina Herrera. I wish that I had done a little more research into Alice Temperley’s chart, because she provides a terrific example of a Cancer designer working in her own element.

Oh well — maybe next time. When I rewrite “Star Struck Style” for a new generation in 2040, I’ll be sure to include her. Until that happens, click the link above and buy yourself a copy.

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