Mountain Goat (source: glacier.org)

I’m a little late to posting something on my blog today because I was watching Robert Mueller testify before congress. It was an interesting beginning to my day. Although I got riled up a couple of times listening to the dumbest Republicans in the room going off on incomprehensible tangents, for the most part I was unmoved by the event. I learned nothing that I didn’t already know because there is a paper copy of “The Mueller Report” in my possession.

But I’m also feeling a little unflappable. I’ve got the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in my tenth house right now. As a Capricorn, there is something about this sector of my chart that makes me feel as if I am above the fray, like the mountain goat in the photo I posted above. I’m looking down at all this bullshit from the mountaintop and realizing that it has far less consequence in my life than I allow it to have — something that I need to remind myself over and over again.

So, I’m not going to let it worry me. I’ve avoided Twitter for the most part this morning. I haven’t posted my opinions on Facebook. I haven’t screamed into the TV screen aside from uttering “Fuck off!” a couple of times when Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan began bloviating.

I am above the fray. I am above the fray. I am a Capricorn with four of the swift-moving planets in my tenth house and I am above the fray. If I say it enough, I’m going to believe it . . .

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