Armchair (source: Pottery Barn)

The sun moved into my tenth house on Tuesday afternoon, just minutes before the partial lunar eclipse.

I’ve been anticipating that event because of where it occurred in my chart: right on top of my MC/IC axis. Curiously, I received a call for a job interview just a couple of hours after the event had happened. I went for the interview yesterday, and I believe it went quite well. I’d be thrilled to get the job, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t. I can understand why an employer would choose not to work around my schedule. I tend to prioritize my own work/life balance over their needs because I believe that professional relationships need to be reciprocal. No one is going to pay me peanuts to own me. On the other hand, I’ll work for peanuts if I can strike a deal with someone who understands just what a great partner I can be.

The interview process itself revealed something to me that I needed to understand: I can be pretty comfortable with myself, warts and all. I don’t mind discussing my shortcomings and I’m remarkably honest when I am in that sort of situation. I don’t believe that I need to “sell myself” because my accomplishments and my track record speak for themselves. Who else has done all the unique things that I have done?

Anyway, my comfort level with my professional prospects has increased substantially in just a couple of days. I will attribute that to the sun entering my tenth house. I often discuss how anxious I feel when the sun is transiting my ninth house. Yesterday, I felt as if I was back in my own element. For me, the tenth house is like that beautiful Pottery Barn armchair in the photo I posted above. When the sun is there, I feel weathered and worn, yet sturdy and elegant — all those things that correspond to a Capricorn sun and the part of my chart that rules over public stature and professional standing.

If I was using whole-sign houses, this change in the cosmic climate should have occurred for me about three weeks ago. It didn’t. Using Placidus houses, it happened on Tuesday, and I could virtually pinpoint the moment that I relaxed and said to myself “You know, someone is going to hire you because of who you are, so calm the f*** down!” The discomfort that I feel during particular ninth-house transits (which has been well chronicled on this blog), just seemed to vacate my being.

So, once again, I’m going to dismiss the practice of using whole-sign houses. They aren’t for me. I’ve lived a lifetime using the Placidian system and I’ve seen it in action. It works for me. If something else works for you, that’s terrific, but I do implore anyone who hasn’t lived as long as I have to do some research into the themes that recur in your own life, and then to investigate whether or not those recurrent themes correspond to major transits of planets through the houses. In more than three decades of studying astrology, nothing has taught me more than focusing my attention on my own chart.

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    Once again, I’m astounded by the shift in my “comfort level” with myself the moment the sun enters my tenth house. I’m in a much better place than I was just a few days ago.


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