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Instinct (source: Variety)

Here’s a photo of Alan Cumming from the CBS show “Instinct.” I kind of wish that the show was better because Alan Cumming is a delight to watch. I’m just not all that fond of the CBS-style procedural crime dramas. They’re a little too formulaic for me.

Anyway, the reason I posted this photo is that it came up when I Googled the word “instinct.” I was actually looking for a scientific definition of the word. I use it all the time when discussing the sign of Cancer because I believe that Cancer is the most instinctive of all the zodiac signs. I don’t know if other astrologers feel the same way, but if they don’t, they’re stupid.

I’m kidding! But I don’t believe that any astrologers would argue that the maternal instinct is strongly expressed in Cancer: it is one of the hallmarks of the sign. Wikipedia defines instinct as behavior that is “performed without being based upon prior experience.” If you’ve ever had a pet that has had babies, you will understand why there is no other instinct quite like the maternal instinct. Watching a cat give birth and then instinctively understand how to care for her kittens is amazing. Many people marvel at things like rainbows. I, on the other hand, am awestruck by instincts.

So, it should be an interesting weekend for me. Mercury has just backtracked into Cancer where it will make a retrograde conjunction with the sun very close to the final degree of the sign. That event should result in some illumination and rationalization of instincts, and yet with Mercury moving backwards, our ability to articulate why we are behaving instinctively will suffer. Still, the best plan is to trust your gut this weekend. When the sun moves into Leo shortly afterward, it should shine a light on whatever it was that you were feeling. You’ll know why you did what you did, even if it made no sense at the time. Until then, don’t do anything that doesn’t “feel” right for you.

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