Rebecca Holden & David Hasselhoff (source: The Telegraph)

July 17 is David Hasselhoff’s birthday.

Just the other day, I bought a coffee-table book of the photographs of Mario Casilli. Casilli was known for his backlit photos of iconic 80s celebrities, including Joan Collins, Morgan Fairchild and Donna Mills. The book also included this shot of David Hasselhoff that seems to say everything you need to know about David Hasselhoff.

Nevertheless, I thought that I would try to learn a little more about “The Hoff” by having a look at his natal chart. Astrotheme has a time of birth listed that not only gives him a Cancer sun, but also a 29°35″ Cancer ascendant. I was expecting to see a little more Leo in his chart considering his personality, and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine that his birth time was a couple of minutes off, shifting his ascendant degree into Leo.

Both Mercury and Venus, however, are definitely in Leo. Venus is only a degree-and-a-half away from his ascendant in the first house. If I remember correctly, Angelina Jolie has Venus conjunct her ascendant in about the same place. It’s easy for me to see how someone who trades upon their looks would benefit from that aspect. I’m sure that I’ve also discussed Beyoncé’s Venus/ascendant conjunction somewhere on this blog.

But back to Venus in Leo. David Hasselhoff has always acted as if he was just a little better-looking than he is, and that is the Leonine/first house Venus influence. Angelina Jolie, with roughly the same ascendant, has Venus in Cancer in the twelfth house just behind her ascending degree (yet only minutes away from David Hasselhoff’s natal Venus). For most of her career, she has acted as if she wants to be recognized for her creative output rather than her looks.

That all makes a lot of sense to me now that I look at these charts side by side, and it makes me believe that David Hasselhoff’s time of birth on Astrotheme is probably correct.

I mean look at him. Jeez . . .

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