Vlada Roslyakova (source: models.com)

July 8 is Vlada Roslyakova’s birthday.

Vlada Roslyakova has a steamy chart. Just the other day, I published a post where I called someone’s chart “muddy.” That’s a word I use when I’m trying to describe a horoscope where most of the planets land in water and earth signs. I use “steamy” to describe a similar scenario, only with the planets in water and fire signs.

Vlada has the sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer. Her moon is most likely in Sagittarius, but there is small chance that it is in Scorpio (so it works into this scenario either way), and Pluto is in Scorpio. She has Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in fire signs. Neptune is in Capricorn, making it the only planet in the model’s chart that isn’t in a water sign or a fire sign.

I don’t have a time of birth to determine where the ascendant lies, but a chart without any air planets is interpreted as a chart without careful forethought or intellectual discretion. It doesn’t mean that Vlada isn’t intelligent, but it does mean that she probably follows her instincts (water) with passion (fire), often at the expense of her intellect. On the bright side, it could make her into a good actress because it’s likely that she can give into the moment instead of considering — or reconsidering — every action and reaction.

I honestly know nothing about her personally, so I could be entirely wrong, but if I were to draw up a chart like this without knowing whom it belonged to, I’d postulate that the subject was hard to handle and a little dangerous — much like steam. With three planets in Cancer, though, the subject would be innately prudent, and less likely to blow up than someone with pronounced Scorpio or Pisces influences in their chart.

But again, I’m just speculating because I don’t have a time of birth. Still, looking at the elemental balance in a horoscope should be one of the first steps in chart interpretation. I know that because the lack of fire elements in my own chart explains a lot about me. Of all the broad-based interpretive techniques (natal moon phase; chart pattern types; triplicity balance), this is the one that jumps out at me when I first view a chart. I believe that it reveals something about an individual’s character that the interpretation of the planets themselves might belie.

Simply put, it works for me.

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