Sun (source: Express)

Here comes the sun, making it’s annual return to the top of my chart. But first, it has to make an opposition with my natal sun.

The transiting sun opposing the natal sun is a rough aspect for me. I feel like screaming, but I’m not the screaming type. Cafe Astrology offers this succinct interpretation of the transit:

“This is a time of the year when you are more likely to catch a cold or to feel under the weather, unappreciated, and generally ill at ease. Tensions with others can come from a lack of self-confidence or a sudden awareness of unfulfilled wishes and goals. You are unlikely to feel on top of your game now, so don’t push matters. Instead, take time for rest and relaxation. Review your goals and revise them if need be.”

The only other annual transit I can compare this with is the annual opposition of the sun to my natal moon right around Christmas. If that event coincides with the full moon, the feeling I get is almost identical (and that’s just one of the reasons I loathe Christmas). Nothing makes me grouchier or more self-pitying, and the phrase “ill at ease” perfectly describes the way I feel.

What makes this year’s opposition especially annoying is that it is occurring while Mercury is stationary, and while Saturn is squaring my ascendant, making me want to go on a killing spree. I have some anger pent up because of my current lack of progress and if I wasn’t feeling so apathetic lately, I’d probably lash out. I guess it’s lucky for all of you that I don’t care enough to kill you all. Thank heaven for small miracles!

Anyway, I’ve got to shake this off. I should be back to normal by Tuesday or Wednesday, and killing you all will be the furthest thing from my mind. Killing some of you, however . . .

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