Sean O’Pry (source: models.com)

July 5 is Sean O’Pry’s birthday.

I don’t discuss many male models because I’m not really familiar with that many male models. I know who Sean O’Pry is, though. I was even surprised to discover that he’s turning thirty today because it feels as if he’s been around forever. When wasn’t he the most recognizable male model in the world?

I had a look at his natal chart. He has that one thing that about one-twelfth of Cancer individuals have in their horoscopes: a natal moon in Leo in mutual reception to his sun in Cancer.

The two luminaries create an interesting dynamic when positioned in this manner. My astrologer friends who put a lot of stock into interpreting the effects of moon phase positions in the birth chart would likely agree that is a unique layout, interpreted as a new moon or a waxing crescent moon, but with the added importance of the two planets situated in each other’s ruling signs.

A fairly dynamic group of celebrities share the sun in Cancer/moon in Leo combo, including Tom Cruise, Lana Del Ray, Tom Hanks, George Michael, Ringo Starr and Nancy Reagan. One thing that many of these stars have in common is a never-ending battle between the desire for privacy and a love of the spotlight.

I don’t know enough about Sean O’Pry personally to know if he fits that profile, but he probably does — considering that I don’t know much about him personally. If he was a publicity whore, we’d all know much more about him since he’s been at the top of his game for more than a decade.

I don’t expect him to go away anytime soon. Male models can have much longer careers than their female counterparts. Still, with a pile of planets in the first half of Leo in his chart, he’s going to have some difficult times over the next three years or so. He’s just made it through his first Saturn return, but there’s more tough stuff to come. I hope that he can handle it. If not, at least he has his looks . . .

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