Cory Booker (source: Fox News)

April 27 is Cory Booker’s birthday.

Cory Booker turns fifty today. I didn’t know that he was a Taurus until just a minute ago when I was looking at today’s celebrity birthdays. Just a moment after I learned that, I discovered that he’s also a vegetarian who is dating Rosario Dawson. What more could you want from a Presidential candidate?

Well, those are the sort of things that I admire! I had a look at his natal chart and he also has a Virgo moon. He must be a truly delightful person.

I’m not really sure which Democratic candidate I’m supporting at the moment, but I should pay attention to their charts to get an idea of who has the best chances of winning. I did look at Mayor Pete’s chart and he has some very auspicious things happening in his horoscope over the next couple of years. If Cory Booker’s time of birth is correct on astrotheme.com, his ascendant is at 1°20″ Aquarius — very close to the point where Jupiter and Saturn make their upcoming grand conjunction. That could mean big things for Cory Booker.

Still, I can’t stop thinking about his relationship with Rosario Dawson. She’s a Taurus, too. If he doesn’t win the nomination, I can imagine that the two of them will retire to Palm Springs where they will spend their twilight years watching Netflix, getting foot massages and eating pie. And that’s kind of what I like about Taurus natives . . .

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