Bust a Move (source: YouTube)

Saturn is stationary at the moment. The actual retrograde cycle begins tomorrow, but I’m already feeling it. I had a bad cold this week that kept me from doing much of anything. When I needed to be doped up in order to function in society, I was under the influence of antihistamines. They make me dopey and incapable of staying focused on anything in particular. When I feel that way, I try to remain physically active so that I can direct whatever energy I have into something positive. But even that wasn’t working for me. I was too stiff to do yoga and too congested for cardiovascular exercise. Winter made a brief return to this part of the world, so I couldn’t work in my yard. Now I feel as if I’ve lost a week of my life with nothing to show for it. It was like a vacation, but without the fun.

My energy, however, is back today — both mentally and physically. I’m still feeling a little “stuck” with this retrograde cycle beginning, but I’d better get used to it because the ringed planet doesn’t make it back to this point in the zodiac until the week of Christmas. During this retrograde cycle, it also backtracks over my natal sun.

I think I can handle it. I usually put my nose to the grindstone during Saturn’s retrograde periods. I’m feeling a million times better today and I’m ready to get to the gym. The weather is still too cold for me to work outside when I get home, but I’m eager to get some housework out of the way so that I can clear up some time this week to work on my new writing project. Without an antihistamine hangover, I can probably sit in front of the computer for more than a minute or two without dozing off.

I know that most people don’t look at Saturn’s retrogrades as an indicator of good times to come, but most people aren’t Capricorns. This is our time to plug away, revisiting projects that haven’t worked out while figuring out how to turn things around in our favor. We can regain our footing while others are starting to lose theirs.

It’s time for us goats to bust a move. Are you with me?

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