Watch What Happens Live - Season 13
Jacqueline Laurita & Mark Consuelos (source: Bravo)

April 26 is Jacqueline Laurita’s birthday.

Jacqueline Laurita shares her birthday with Melania Trump. I was able to find a natal chart online that claims to have a time of birth for the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, but I’m not convinced of its accuracy. On that note, I’ve never been able to confirm a time of birth for the FLOTUS, either.

So, instead of comparing their charts (like I thought I would do when I started writing this post), I decided to take a look at Teresa Giudice’s chart to see what makes the two Taurus natives/Jersey girls love to hate one another.

If the birth times listed on the sites I visited are correct, Teresa has a Gemini rising with a very close conjunction of Venus and Mars in Cancer in the first house. She is both combative and fickle: a peacemaker one moment and a troublemaker the next. Jacqueline, on the other hand, has a Virgo ascendant square Teresa’s rising by about a degree. It gives the two women distinctly different priorities.

I suppose that the biggest difference in their charts, however, is revealed by their moon signs — something that won’t change if the birth times I have discovered prove to be incorrect. Teresa has a Leo moon and Jacqueline has a Capricorn moon. These are both positions that endow an individual with an ego that can be bruised quite easily, and neither woman can honestly forget a slight. I often portray Taurus individuals as being far more easygoing than the raging bull that symbolizes their sign. In this case, both of these women have a little more internal drama going on than meets the eye.

I can’t even remember why they fought on the show because it’s been ages since I’ve watched it, but I can imagine that Teresa expects incontestable loyalty from her friends, while Jacqueline draws a line at how far she’ll go in order to please anyone. Neither combination of sun and moon sign is particularly generous when it comes to forgiveness. As far as defensiveness goes, though, Jacqueline will never match Teresa. Her Venus/Mars conjunction in Cancer is something else!

I ought to start watching RHONJ again to reacquaint myself with these women. Has Joe been deported yet? That could make for some compelling television! Also, it would mean that there was one less Gemini on the continent, and that’s something I could really get behind . . .

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