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Binx Walton (source: Blogspot)

April 2 is Binx Walton’s birthday . . . or is it?

Yesterday, something on one of my social media feeds let me know that it was Binx Walton’s birthday. When I Googled the model, though, I discovered that Wikipedia has her birthday listed as today. I double-checked with, however, and found that they have her birthday listed as April 27.

So, when is Binx Walton’s birthday? I have no idea. She doesn’t really play the Instagram game like most models do nowadays, so I can’t confirm it there. In fact, in my online travels I stumbled across an article on about how she has managed to become a supermodel without being a social media whore. Good for her!

Anyway, I knew I liked her because I always like the girls who don’t look like the rest of the girls. I like her even more now that I have discovered that her nickname “Binx” was given to her by her brothers and was inspired by Jar Jar Binks, arguably the worst character in the entire “Star Wars” universe. Curiously, her closest friend in the modeling world is Jabba Hadid. Okay, I made up that last part.

I wish that I knew her birthday. I also wish that more celebrities would take the time to edit their own Wikipedia pages. In the past few months, I’ve got to correct the charts of a few celebrities whose erroneous birth information came from a bad Wikipedia bio. I even messaged back and forth with singer Crystal Waters on Instagram to get her to correct her own Wikipedia page after she informed me that she is a Scorpio. If I remember correctly, the site had her date of birth listed about three weeks earlier than her actual birthday, making me believe that she was a Libra.

Maybe Binx Walton (or someone close to the model) will come across this blog post and let me know which birthday is correct. Bad birthdays are the bane of astrologers like me. I’d love to speculate about what the stars have in store for her, but I’m at a loss to do it when I’m not even sure when she was born.

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