Doris Day (source: TV Guide)

April 3 is Doris Day’s birthday.

Doris Day is a vegetarian, like Bob Barker and Betty White. All three legendary performers are alive and well in their late nineties. That makes me feel as if I’m going to live at least as long as they have.

Just out of curiosity, I briefly eyeballed their natal charts to see if anything jumped out. The first thing I noticed at first glance was that Doris Day’s natal Mars is at 19°06″ Sagittarius. Bob Barker’s natal sun is at 19°27″ Sagittarius and Betty White’s part of fortune is at 18°31″ Sagittarius. Is that degree significant in the charts of long-lived vegetarians and animal rights activists? Who knows?

I didn’t see anything else that caught my eye, and I’m reluctant to dive any deeper into their charts because I don’t know how much I trust the birth times listed on the charts of people who are nearly a century old. Still, if there is something else that I haven’t noticed, I’d love to hear about it from any other astrologers who have studied longevity and/or vegetarianism in the horoscopes of celebrities.

In the meantime, I’m going to spend the rest of the day coming up with a retirement plan. If I’m going to live to be a hundred or so, I think I’m going to need to reevaluate my financial future. Playing the lottery might not be the best strategy . . .

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