This post I wrote a few years ago made me laugh out loud this morning.

Star Struck Style

Cg2sfJfUYAA7XWt (1)Binx Walton (source: Blogspot)

April 2 is Binx Walton’s birthday . . . or is it?

Yesterday, something on one of my social media feeds let me know that it was Binx Walton’s birthday. When I Googled the model, though, I discovered that Wikipedia has her birthday listed as today. I double-checked with, however, and found that they have her birthday listed as April 27.

So, when is Binx Walton’s birthday? I have no idea. She doesn’t really play the Instagram game like most models do nowadays, so I can’t confirm it there. In fact, in my online travels I stumbled across an article on about how she has managed to become a supermodel without being a social media whore. Good for her!

Anyway, I knew I liked her because I always like the girls who don’t look like the rest of the girls. I like her…

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