Kim Novak (source: PopSugar)

February 13 is Kim Novak’s birthday.

I’ve discussed Alfred Hitchcock’s obsession with Scorpio-like women a zillion times on this blog. “Vertigo” star Kim Novak doesn’t have a single planet in Scorpio. In fact, she not only has an Aquarius sun, but also an Aquarius rising with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the sign, as well. She is an Aquarian’s Aquarius.

So, why did she fit so well into the role of Madeleine/Judy? Emotional detachment is a hallmark trait of the sign of Aquarius. Scorpio natives often put up a defensive wall that makes them appear to be cold. It’s easy to confuse the two at first glance.

I suppose the biggest difference is the passion that simmers below the surface in the Scorpionic personality. Novak was able to differentiate her characters in the film by playing up Judy’s warmth as opposed to Madeleine’s frostiness. Although the actress has stated that she wasn’t satisfied with her performance in the film, in my opinion it is her finest work. I’ve found her to be robotic and emotionally unavailable in most of her films.

Curiously, I also have Venus (the ruler of my ascendant) in Aquarius and I’m a terrible actor because I’m not really the emotional type. My modus operandi in emotionally-charged situations is to detach. Kim Novak should thank her lucky stars because Madeleine’s detachment was what made her into one of the most-memorable characters in the history of cinema.

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