Scorpions (source:

The sun joined Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio this morning. Soon it will oppose Uranus in Taurus shortly before the moon goes full. That’s a big change in the cosmic weather.

On that note, I don’t mind comparing the current cosmic climate to the actual weather, or even using a line like “Scorpio Season” when the sun moves into Scorpio. I know some of my fellow astrologers get tired of the catch phrases and clichés, but we all use them. I can admit that my eyes roll back into my head every time an astrologer starts talking about “spiritual healing” or “the journey of the soul.”

Now, back to those Scorpios. I suspect that many of you Scorpio natives could have a challenging couple of days ahead of you. The same goes for anyone with the first couple of degrees of any of the fixed signs personalized in their horoscope. With the sun’s opposition to Uranus figuring prominently in this scenario, secrets may suddenly coming to light like a bolt from the blue. Over the next month or so, that will be a recurring theme.

The most interesting thing about this month, however, will be the Karmic implications. As Jupiter gets ready to leave Scorpio, the universe should be dealing out plenty of cosmic retribution. If your venom has been the source of an antidote to world’s ills, you should have nothing to worry about. If you’ve been doing nothing but lashing out, spreading poison everywhere you go, then you’re probably going to get what’s coming to you.

I don’t believe that I’ve got anything to worry about. How about you?

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