Brett Kavanaugh (source: National Post)

I was just checking out who has been visiting my blog lately, and that took me to this post that I wrote almost a year ago. “The 2017 Zodiac Sign of the Year Awards” was nothing more than a lark, but I’m sure that little birdie will be ready to fly in for a visit sometime in the near future.

So, who is in the running? Well, those Geminis haven’t really done anything to earn my praise. How can I ignore the fact that Kanye West has been getting even cozier than before with his BFF, Donald Trump? Leos have been bugging me lately, too, as have most of the fixed signs. Can you stop telling me that you’re right for just a minute so that I can prove to you that you’re wrong? And don’t even get me started about the Scorpios!

But at the moment, Aquarius has all the momentum to end up in last place. Remember last year when Roy Moore (sun in Aquarius; moon in Scorpio) was the face of white male entitlement in the USA? Well, he’s got a kindred spirit in Brett Kavanaugh (sun in Aquarius; moon in Cancer). Just look at that photo I posted above. The caption might as well say “Let me mansplain something to you.”

Yeah, I’m an old white guy. I can be a little preachy, too. Still, I believe that I have the “gift” to see past the bullshit that these conservative assholes are dumping all over the place. Remember that Aquarius is related to the myth of Ganymede: the water bearer and the water dumper. Depending upon which version of the myth you believe, Aquarius is either the sign of charity or the sign of angry self-entitlement and lashing out against humanity. Want to learn more? Click the link above and buy my book.

Anyway, I can’t imagine any of the fixed signs doing particularly well in the 2018 rankings, although I do hold out a bit of hope for those Taurus natives out there who rarely bug me as much as their fixed-sign counterparts. But they still have three months to go. I suppose that we all do . . .

Stay tuned for more.

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