Susan Sarandon (source: USA Today)

October 4 is Susan Sarandon’s birthday.

Astrotheme has a time of birth for Susan Sarandon. If that time is accurate, her ascendant is at 29°26″ Capricorn, just three degrees away from her twelfth-house moon at 26°25″ Capricorn.

Honestly, I want to like Susan Sarandon a little more than I do because we have a lot in common. Nevertheless, I find that she is quite dismissive of people who don’t share her opinions. For someone with both the sun and Mercury in Libra, that should not be the case. But her Capricorn moon and rising make sense to me. I have major cardinal energy in my chart, too, and sometimes you can’t tell me anything when my mind is made up.

My biggest problem with her, however, is her eagerness to work outside of the establishment in order to attempt to solve society’s problems. She’s a big supporter of third-party candidates in American politics, like Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. How’s that working out for you, Susan?

I guess that I learn from my mistakes, despite being so sure of myself. My Mercury is in the third house vs. Sarandon’s Mercury in the ninth house, so maybe I’m a little more open-minded when it comes to admitting that I’m wrong. I don’t see that character trait in Susan Sarandon; she believes what she believes. A ninth house Mercury is an afflicted Mercury, as far as I’m concerned. It can make someone into a career protester who never actually does anything practical in order to effect change in the world. It’s similar to having Mercury in Sagittarius. That is where mine is, but it’s in mutual reception to Jupiter in Gemini from the third house to the ninth house. This uncommon configuration makes me exceptionally open-minded. Sarandon’s combination of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in the ninth makes her into a placard-carrying enemy of the establishment who likes to shout her opinions out loud. That would be great if she actually listened to voices other than her own.

I almost feel awful criticizing her because I’m so much like her. We share our mutual disgust for Donald Trump and and the sort of people who support him. Still, she’s a shouter and I’m a writer. Our Mercury positions make us into very different people.

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