Barbra Streisand (source: The Telegraph)

While Venus doesn’t officially station in Scorpio for a couple of days, it’s pretty much stuck in the sky at the moment. It’s only a minute or two degrees away from turning retrograde.

For the next four months or so, we’re going to be reliving some Venusian issues. Venus entered its retrograde shadow at the start of September. It goes retrograde on October 5, backtracks into Libra where it turns direct on November 16, reenters Scorpio on December 2, and then finally leaves its retrograde shadow on December 17. These dates can vary by a day depending upon where you live.

So, what do I mean by Venusian issues? Well, since this is supposed to be a fashion astrology blog, and because Venus is the planet most closely associated with beauty, this is probably a bad time to get a home perm. I know, right?

More importantly, it’s probably a bad time to believe that there will be value in making major changes to your appearance. Venus is in detriment in transformative Scorpio. Retrogrades often symbolize reconsidering preexisting notions. Until Venus turns direct in Libra, mistakes are likely to be made. Until Venus leaves its retrograde shadow, those mistakes might have more far-reaching consequences than they normally would.

Again, rethink that home perm. Also, avoid things like tattoo parlors and cosmetic surgery offices unless you are undergoing procedures that were planned a long time ago. Alternatively, if you have been considering any sort of permanent changes regarding your physical appearance, the Venus station itself marks a point in time where research into those procedures can begin. Just wait until the cosmic weather gets back to normal before you actually undergo those procedures.

Generally, Venus retrograde in Scorpio can make us suspicious of others, especially those who seem to behave in a fawning manner. Don’t allow flattery to go to your head at this time, but don’t be a sucker for a compliment, either.

If you know where Venus is backtracking in your own chart, Cafe Astrology has a great, succinct rundown of Venus retrograde through the houses. Mine occurs entirely within my first house (I’ve discussed this subject already on this blog). I suppose that I should do some background work on my “brand” during this time. Perhaps it’s a good idea to reconsider how I’m using social media to promote myself as a fashion astrologer. Maybe I should try to be an influencer instead of nuisance who leaves smart-assed comments on the Instagram pages of my favorite celebrities.

Or maybe not . . .

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