Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos (source: People)

October 2 is Kelly Ripa’s birthday.

I adore Kelly Ripa. I watch her show all the time. I work part-time in retail and I prefer to work the late shift, so watching morning TV shows is a part of my daily routine. While I’m often doing yoga or cleaning the house while “Live with Kelly and Ryan” airs, I’ve got it on in the background, just in case something interesting happens.

For that reason, I feel like I already know her. Looking at her natal chart doesn’t really make me feel any different: I saw what I expected to see. She has a first house sun and a first house Mercury, indicating a rather “out-there” personality. Her natal moon and Jupiter are in the second house, so I can see why she has remained rooted to New York City for her entire life, creating opportunities there instead of looking for them elsewhere. Her natal Mars is in the twelfth house about half-a-degree away from her Virgo ascendant. That’s something that I would expect to see in someone who is both married to fitness and married to a man with Aries as his sun sign.

Fashion-wise, Ripa provides a daily master class on how to dress for a small, wiry frame. She rarely breaks up her silhouette in a manner that makes her look shorter than she is, and her outfits are chosen to look just as good in a seated position as in a standing position. The Libra look is long and lean. Being able to look long and lean while only standing at 5’3″ is quite an achievement.

The thing that interests me the most about Kelly Ripa’s chart, however, is the fairly close opposition of Venus and Saturn. As long as I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been pointing out both Venus and Saturn conjunctions and oppositions in the charts of fashionable people that I truly admire. Those are not aspects that I would expect to be positive influences on creativity or self-expression. It’s something I really need to look into.

Maybe I’ll do that right after “Live” . . .

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