Cindy Bruna (source:

September 27 is Cindy Bruna’s birthday.

Cindy Bruna reminds me a lot of Beverly Johnson. Of course, there are physical similarities, but what they have in common is something else altogether: both models are capable of making anything in their vicinity look expensive. If the ad in the photo above didn’t say “H&M” on it, I would swear that she was selling coats for Max Mara or Brunello Cucinelli.

I believe that quality separated Beverly Johnson from the pack back in the day. I even wrote about it in “Star Struck Style.” So, it wasn’t a surprise when I discovered that Cindy Bruna not only shares Beverly Johnson’s sun sign, but also her Mercury and Venus placements. I can’t be sure about either model’s time of birth, but having those three swift-moving planets in the same zodiac signs is a big deal.

A Libra sun should add a dose of sophistication to anyone who possesses the placement. However, Libra is the detriment of the sun and it often is expressed quite poorly by house position, giving strength to the rising sign. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, too, so I wouldn’t expect someone with that combination to be (A) so sophisticated and (B) so marketable.

Both Cindy Bruna and Beverly Johnson are likely to have a Libra ascendant with a first-house sun. That would mitigate the weak placement of the sun and it would likely put Venus in Scorpio into the second house where it would provide each of the women with a talent when it comes to selling a sexy, sophisticated image.

I’m just speculating here, but that’s what I do. What else could explain how these two women born generations apart share so much on a superficial level?

Every day, I am more and more amazed by the “coincidences” of astrology!

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