Jupiter (source: Science News)

I discovered something sort of weird today.

While I was reading my daily horoscope on astro.com, I realized that transiting Jupiter is making its final conjunction with my natal Neptune tomorrow. The first one occurred early in the year, followed by a retrograde pass and this final conjunction that is happening a minute before midnight tomorrow.

Lately, I’ve been discussing that I have been quite content to be doing almost nothing. My sense of ambition has been on vacation, but I have been enjoying the break. That’s normally not the sort of thing that I do. I tend to take on too many projects. Right now, I’m sort of glad to not have anything to do.

I thought back to the last time that I was underemployed like this and realized that it was in 2006. That’s also the last time that Jupiter made this conjunction. I made some very positive, long-lasting changes to my life in 2007, but 2006 really was a bust.

Looking back to the previous conjunction, I realized that 1994 was the year that I got out of university and wanted nothing more than to get back to the grind of my restaurant job while I sorted out where I was going in life.

So, what is it about transiting Jupiter making a conjunction with my natal Neptune that is sapping me of ambition and making me believe that I shouldn’t really be in a hurry to do anything? I’m not sure. My aforementioned astro.com horoscope describes the transit like this:

“Some people develop a feeling of false happiness, like living in the dream world of an opium smoker, with no basis in reality. You may feel that everything is all right when it is not, or you may feel that you can do anything you want and get away with it.”

I do feel unusually content (something I’ve been discussing on this blog for months now). I don’t really feel as if I can get away with anything, but I do feel as if things are “all right” with me.

As the effects of this transit begins to dissipate, perhaps I’ll feel an uptick in my sense of ambition. That would be nice. I know that 2007 was a year of major positive momentum in my life. Maybe 2019 is going to be the same. Other chart factors indicate good things, so I’m going to continue to wait things out. I’m not in a hurry to grow older, anyway . . .

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