Cheryl Tiegs (source: Postermania)

September 25 is Cheryl Tiegs’ birthday.

I suppose that the thing I remember the most about Cheryl Tiegs was this poster from the late seventies/early eighties (sources vary about when it was on the market vs. when the photo was actually taken). She was everywhere as a model when I was a kid, but this poster made her into an icon.

I actually include it in “Star Struck Style” as a signature example of Libra style. The reason for that is the color of the bikini and the long, lean pose struck by Tiegs. The idea of wearing a monochromatic garment in a shade that is not all that different from your skin tone seems very Libra-like to me. I’ve always insisted that the best-dressed Libra natives are concerned with creating a head-to-toe look. I mention the “vertical line” often when I’m discussing the subject, and I regularly bring up the long, lean looks created by Roy Halston to illustrate my point.

I even go back to this exact era in my book when I choose a time in fashion history that exemplifies the Libra look. I talk about the uptown polish of the disco era. Tiegs’ work may have spanned a much longer era, but this poster was an exclamation point on her career. I didn’t even know that she not only has the sun in Libra, but also Mercury, Venus and Neptune.

Of course, you would already know much of this if you had clicked the link above and bought my book. What are you waiting for?

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