Tom Ford (source: Gentlemen’s Gazette)

August 27 is Tom Ford’s birthday.

I like Tom Ford and I’ve shared a couple of stories about him over the years on my various blogs and in my latest book. Our paths have crossed. It’s kind of cool to know that he knows who I am. He’s probably forgotten who I am, but I don’t care about that. Every time I put on my obscenely tight Tom Ford jeans, I feel a little closer to him.

I’m kidding! But I really do have a nice letter that he wrote me, and I really do have a pair of Tom Ford jeans that remind me of how nice it would be to be skinnier. Those are just a few of the things that make me believe that I know more about him than the other astrologers. You see, Tom Ford has no accurate time of birth listed anywhere on the internet. Any astrologer claiming to know when he was born is engaging in wishful thinking. Still, that’s not going to stop me from doing the same thing.

I would put Tom Ford’s time of birth around 6:00 AM. That would give him a Virgo rising sign and a first house Virgo sun (I’m using the Placidus house system, of course). It would put Mercury and Pluto in the first house, too. Venus would be in the eleventh house. Mars would be in the second house. Jupiter and Saturn would be nearly conjunct in the fifth.

Most importantly, this layout would put Ford’s Pisces moon in the seventh house. I really get Virgo vibes from Tom Ford’s personality, and the Virgo ascendant makes sense because it weakens the Pisces moon. I don’t have any doubt that Tom Ford is an imaginative person, but the Pisces part of his personality is not strong. Reading interviews with the designer and watching videos of him at work make me believe that he exemplifies Virgo-like perfectionism, so this scenario makes sense to me.

In many ways, Tom Ford is the anti-romantic of fashion design, and that’s what makes me adore what he does. In that respect, we are cut from the same cloth. Of all the scenarios I ran on my astrology program, this one just made the most sense to me because it put his Pisces moon in a place where it is completely overshadowed. Having a similar sun/moon opposition in my own natal chart with placements that integrate the factors rather than cause one or the other to stand out makes me an expert on this topic, right? Right?

Okay, I might be wrong, but I don’t believe that I am. Maybe I’ll find out his time of birth one day and be able to revisit this topic. Our paths have already crossed once, so it’s not so hard to believe that they might cross again.

Call me, Mr. Ford . . .


  1. I love this article! Poor Tom Ford, everytime he opens his mouth that Virgo in him comes out something fierce lol.

    I was watching the OWN documentary on him and had to research his Birth Chart. I think Virgo rising is appropriate. Keep up! I loved this website!

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  2. Thanks! As I was sitting here trying to figure out how to pick up the Tom Ford underwear I ordered in-store without having to cross the paths of the other shoppers, I noticed your comment. What are the odds of that?


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