Star Struck Style

Tom-Ford-has-appeared-in-numerous-ads-and-commercials-since-he-was-young-900x675Tom Ford (source: Gentlemen’s Gazette)

August 27 is Tom Ford’s birthday.

I like Tom Ford and I’ve shared a couple of stories about him over the years on my various blogs and in my latest book. Our paths have crossed. It’s kind of cool to know that he knows who I am. He’s probably forgotten who I am, but I don’t care about that. Every time I put on my obscenely tight Tom Ford jeans, I feel a little closer to him.

I’m kidding! But I really do have a nice letter that he wrote me, and I really do have a pair of Tom Ford jeans that remind me of how nice it would be to be skinnier. Those are just a few of the things that make me believe that I know more about him than the other astrologers. You see, Tom Ford has no accurate time…

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