Kelly LeBrock (source: Auntie Fashion)

Venus entered my first house a few hours ago, where it will remain for almost four months!

Being someone who revels in superficial concerns, I’m happy that the entire retrograde phase of the prettiest planet occurs within the borders of my first house. I’ve already got Jupiter in the second house which makes me believe that I’m going to be lucky every time I buy a lottery ticket, and I don’t need to be any more blindly optimistic than I already am. The tag team of Venus and Jupiter moving through my second house concurrently will affect me for the entire time the sun transits Capricorn. I’ll save my lottery win for then. It would be great to hit the jackpot right around my birthday.

In the meantime, I’m going work on becoming more beautiful. Venus in the first house should make that easy for me. I already work out like crazy, and I have a terrific wardrobe that makes me a standout amongst the rest of you schlubs, but I can always be better looking. Who couldn’t?

On a completely unrelated note, the full moon in Pisces occurred earlier this morning. Beware of broadcasting your self-delusions to the world today. People are watching . . .

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