Busy Philipps (source: LA Times)

Astrologically speaking, 2018 has not been that exciting. The planets bunched-up a couple of times, creating a stellium in Capricorn and then another in Pisces, but other than that, it’s been a rather dull year so far. That’s all about to change. Over the next few days, things get busy.

First, Mars enters its retrograde shadow on May 12. This is significant because the red planet will back up and station at 28°36″ Capricorn in late August. It won’t leave its retrograde shadow until October. This event should result in a palpable change of energy for anyone with Mars personalized in their charts, especially Aries and Scorpio natives, or anyone with planets or points in their charts in the last couple degrees of Capricorn.

The next day, Mercury enters Taurus. Its recent retrograde cycle was the reason it spent so much time in Aries. Again, Aries and Taurus natives should feel a difference in the atmosphere. Maybe it’s a storm coming, or maybe the cosmic weather is finally clearing up. In either case, there is something electric in the air as Mercury meets Uranus just as both planets are shifting into a new sign.

The new moon arrives on May 15, followed by Uranus’ ingress into Taurus — the most important outer-planet news of 2018. More about that in a few days.

Next, Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, followed by Venus moving into Cancer on May 19 and the sun moving into Gemini on May 20.

I’ll try to keep up with all these events as they occur, but I’m already way busier than I was just a few weeks ago. I can feel things happening, almost as if the earth is starting to move under my feet. I suppose that the most important thing to remember as all this occurs is to remain grounded. Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn in the final days of 2017 has already set a tone for the year, and that tone is “slow and steady wins the race.” No matter what happens over the next couple of weeks, don’t get ahead of yourself and don’t make plans that you are not likely to keep.

Anyone can be busy. However, it’s the busy people with a sensible plan who actually get somewhere.

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