Karmen Pedaru (source: Fashion Trends Daily)

May 10 is Karmen Pedaru’s birthday.

Sometimes a model becomes so synonymous with a brand that I really can’t divorce the two. Karmen Pedaru is one of those models. I will always associate her with Michael Kors. For that reason, it’s no surprise that she’s a Taurus. Michael Kors is the designer I connect with Taurus in “Star Struck Style.”

Kors himself is a Leo, and I often see a sun-kissed, Leonine color palette in his most-memorable ad campaigns (like the photo I posted above). Interestingly, Karmen Pedaru’s big break came when she debuted on the runway of Christopher Kane, another Leo designer.

I looked up Pedaru’s chart to see if there was something in particular that would make her especially appealing to Leo designers, but I found nothing. I did discover that she has a chart like me with lots of planets in earth and water signs, and a single outlier in a fire sign: Venus in Aries.

I wish that I had a birth time for her. I’m interested to know why she defines Michael Kors for me. I would also like to know why Michael Kors, with absolutely nothing even near Taurus in his chart, defines Taurus. I can explain why his creative output resonates with the Taurus aesthetic, but I can’t see it in his horoscope without grasping at straws.

Still, I stand by everything I’ve written about the man, his brand, and the models he hires. He loves these pretty, earthy types.

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