Mary Quant (source: Vogue)

February 11 is Mary Quant’s birthday.

Mary Quant is not one of those Aquarius fashion designers whose name is associated with the fashion industry of today, like Christian Dior or Cristóbal Balenciaga. Nevertheless, her legacy has lived on because of her reputation as an innovator. A couple of years ago, Lynn Yaeger of vogue.com wrote this about the designer:

A half-century ago, Quant, who is celebrating her birthday today, was the most renowned fashion innovator in the world, promulgating her sixties mod aesthetic to millions of eager young women all over the globe. Just a few short years before, these ladies had been laced into corsets, forced to wear dopey hats and icky sticky white gloves even on the hottest days of the summer. Now they gleefully cast off their garter belts, their bullet bras, their nasty sheer stockings, and popped into Mary’s minis, bloomers, baby dolls, shiny flat boots, see-through raincoats, removable plastic collars, crazy pj’s, and cardigans long enough—but just barely!—to double as dresses.

While I do associate the Swinging Sixties and London itself with Gemini in my book, there is something very airy and Aquarian about the best work that comes out of London. Although Quant doesn’t have anything in Gemini in her horoscope, she does have her natal sun trine Jupiter in Libra, and both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius.

Without a birth time, I can’t place the planets in the houses, but I can see a rather superficial approach to fashion that I often attribute to the influence of the air signs. To me, this chart reveals someone who revels in the idea that fashion never stands still. It also indicates a penchant for shock value — the sort of thing that made Quant’s fellow Aquarius, Malcolm McLaren, a legend in the world of fashion (and someone that I regularly bring up when I’m talking about Aquarius style). Interestingly, Yaeger wrapped up her article about Mary Quant by including the following quote, straight from the lips of the designer:

“I love vulgarity, good taste is death, vulgarity is life.”

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