Out of Service (source: amazon.com)

I do like to talk about myself, so it may surprise anyone who reads my blog to learn that I don’t spend a lot of time looking into the long-term prospects of planetary movements through my own chart. I embrace a more “fly by the seat of my pants” approach toward the outer planets transits, so when something profound comes up, I’m often the one who is surprised.

I guess that’s the practical Capricorn in me speaking. People might believe that we’re planners, and that is true for the most part. But until I experience something for myself, I’m not likely to come to a conclusion about how that experience will affect me.

For that reason, I was pleasantly surprised by my Chiron return. Depending upon whom you ask, it can be a time of spiritual healing or a time that opens old wounds (some astrologers even say that it is both). For me, it made me nicer. No, really — I mean that. I may still be the smart ass I was before, but now I’m the kinder, gentler version of that smart ass.

To be honest, I really didn’t investigate the event until it was over. I learned a long time ago not to spread myself too thin when it comes to my astrological specialization. There are things that I ignore just because you can’t know everything, and the asteroids were one of things that I chose not to study. But when I did look back — whoa!

Now I’m about to experience Chiron’s ingress into my sixth house. In modern astrology, the sixth house is associated with the idea of service. My biggest problem at the moment is that I am unemployed and feeling completely useless much of the time. I’m still volunteering at the Y, leading the fitness classes that I have been teaching for the past three decades. I’m still writing every day and taking care of my house and yard. And I’m still applying for all sorts of jobs, although I have given myself permission to be choosy. My employment insurance actually pays me more than a lot of jobs that I would do just to feel as if I was doing something.

Yet I need to feel as if I’m doing something else. The last couple of days, I’ve considered working for peanuts at a dead-end job just to get out of the house. But a voice inside my head has been telling me to be patient. Then today, I discovered that this ingress of Chiron is going to happen just as the sun enters Pisces.

So, I’m going to heed this cosmic warning. I’ve only got nine days to wait, after all. Now I believe that something is going to come along that will make me feel like I’m back in service. I don’t exactly feel broken lately, but I do feel as if I’m down for maintenance. I just want feel useful again. Perhaps Chiron in my sixth house will get me back in working order.

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