The Girl From Atlantis
The Girl from Atlantis — Vogue Nippon (source:

Venus moves into Pisces tomorrow. In a relatively boring month with very few planetary ingresses, it’s a big deal.

We just got out of a phase where there was a pile-up of planets in Capricorn. Currently, the sun, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius. Soon, those planets are going to join Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is at home in Pisces. As these swift-moving heavenly bodies begin to make contact with the slow-moving outer planet, the atmosphere should change considerably. Right now it’s sort of electric. Mercury is catching up to the sun in Aquarius making many of us think ahead — way ahead. Just as those two planets connect with each other in about ten days from now, they simultaneously shift into Pisces.

For some of us, imaginative solutions to problems will replace theoretical speculation. We’ll actualize our visions (I hate the word “actualize,” but it actually works here). For others, paranoia will creep into our thought processes, derailing the progress we have made over the last month.

The people who will benefit the most during the time that these planets transit Pisces are people with water or earth elements prominently featured in their charts. Both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Scorpio should provide support to the trio of inner planets right through the first week of March. It might be the time for many of you Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces natives to take a “sink or swim” attitude to whatever you’re doing. Creative solutions to long-standing problems will be your gifts from the heavens. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling bold enough to take a chance or two, even though Pisces energy doesn’t necessarily inspire us to swim against the current.

I specifically excluded Virgo from this list just because of the oppositions that will occur during these Pisces transits. I also want to warn Gemini and Sagittarius natives to avoid behaving in an illogical manner over the next couple of weeks. Of course, Donald Trump is a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon. This might not end well.

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