Fat Cat Art by Svetlana Petrova (source: amazon.com)

I’ll probably be getting out of bed when tomorrow’s lunar eclipse arrives in Leo. The eclipse axis is right on top of my natal Mars, so maybe I’ll wake up in a puddle of sweat from a vivid dream where I’m trying to kill you all.

That could happen! Chances are, my energy levels will be high for the next couple of days. I do feel well-rested and eager to get out of the house today. The full moon occurs in my tenth house, so maybe my job search will finally bear some fruit. Curiously, I was sent an exam yesterday by a potential employer — the second step in a screening process. I obviously made it past the first step. Just the day before, I was ready to do anything to get out of the house. If the 7-11 around the corner offered to hire me for the graveyard shift, I would have gladly accepted their offer.

I’m very optimistic about this change of fortune. Tomorrow’s cosmic events could have had me making a major mistake. The sun conjunct my natal Mars (while opposite the moon) is the sort of aspect that makes impulsive behavior likely. I don’t typically “act out,” but sometimes you can’t fight your fate.

Other people might be acting out tomorrow, too. A full moon in Leo can have typically self-aggrandizing individuals demanding public aggrandizement. The State of the Union address happens later today. I imagine that the egomaniac in the White House will be tweeting up a storm in the morning when the “fake news” media doesn’t provide him with adequate praise following his teleprompter tongue-bath.

Think of this eclipse as that big, fat cat in the photo above. I’m sure it’s cute, cuddly and fun to pet. But you can never forget that it’s a cat who will let you scratch it’s belly one minute, and then rip your hand to shreds the next. It’s going to do whatever it wants to do because it’s a cat and that’s what cats do.

The full moon already gives power to those sort of impulses. It shines a light on our unconscious drives. For someone as composed as me, it’s usually not a big deal; I can fight my feelings pretty well. I’ve got Libra for a rising sign, and I rarely drop this civil facade. For many others, it’s a more emotional episode where those unconscious drives surface. An eclipse intensifies the power of the full moon, and it gives us a glimpse into the inner-workings of those individuals it affects the most.

So, expect some crazy things to happen tomorrow. I imagine that some people will be acting like feral cats! Just don’t expect that everyone will be succumbing to their worst impulses. A lot of astrologers overrate the power of an eclipse. Many of us possess the civility — and the natal chart factors — to get through something like this without a scratch.

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