Mercury (source: Kids Discover)

I got out of bed early this morning to have a look at the moon during the eclipse. As I mentioned yesterday, my natal Mars is on the same axis as the eclipse. I virtually jumped out of bed, ready to take on the world.

A few minutes after the eclipse was exact, however, Mercury entered Aquarius. I can’t say that I’m feeling the effects of that cosmic event yet, but it’s likely I will notice a change as the moon moves out of the earth’s shadow.

Aquarius is a good place for Mercury. When the planet transits the sign, it’s a little easier for most of us to grab a hold of those brilliant thoughts that seem to flash in front of our eyes. We are not only able to hang on to them, but also to put them to use. We innovate, improve and streamline our processes. It makes us use our brains to figure out ways to contribute to the common good.

It is a short-term event, though. Mercury is moving quickly now. It meets up with the sun on February 17 and then both planets slip into Pisces. So put your brain cells to a good use while you still can. For the next eighteen days, instead of working harder, try to work smarter. And if that doesn’t work, just turn to drugs and alcohol once Pisces season arrives.

I’m kidding! Choose drugs or alcohol . . .

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