It Happened One Night (source: Wikipedia)

February 1 is Clark Gable’s birthday.

I was just looking at, thinking about how much the cosmic weather has changed in the last couple of weeks. When you click onto the site to see the current planetary positions, the symbols are color coded: red for fire, green for earth, yellow for air and blue for water. At one point in January, most of the icons were green. Today, there are three red symbols, three yellow symbols, three blue symbols and two green symbols.

How quickly things change! Of course, those colors are going to change again in a few hours when the moon moves from Leo to Virgo. The sun, Mercury and Venus are still going to be in Aquarius. The yellow and green symbols are going to dominate the chart again.

So what does that mean? Probably nothing to most people, but it means something to me. I give this color-coded chart a superficial glance every day, and I suppose I’ve conditioned myself to make snap judgments regarding the chart because of the colors. There is something to be said about assessing the climate this way. Knowing that the atmosphere is about to change to a combination of airy/earthy dominance got me thinking about how Aquarius and Virgo work in combination.

Just a moment after, I searched today’s celebrity birthdays to see if there I was anyone I wanted to discuss. Clark Gable immediately jumped out at me. At first my mind turned to “Gone with the Wind” and Rhett Butler, but then I remembered “It Happened One Night.” Not only is it one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but Claudette Colbert is a Virgo.

That got me thinking that Aquarius and Virgo do share something in common. There is a braininess to the two signs that can make them seem like ideal partners, even when they’ve got nothing else in common. That is the theme of “It Happened One Night,” and it’s a positively magical theme. The dialogue between the two stars virtually sparkles. Despite the low expectations of the actors (Claudette Colbert told a friend  “I just finished the worst picture in the world.”), the film went on to become the first movie to win all five major categories at the Academy Awards.

So, what am trying to say? When I looked at today’s planetary placements, my mind immediately turned to the Aquarius/Virgo character of the day and I said to myself “Oh, that’s not a bad combo.” But it is a bad combo. It marks a couple of days of overthinking and misinterpreting situations because we just can’t get on the same page as the people around us. And yet, something about the combination of elements can actually work, creating an engaging, intellectual dialogue and leaving us with something of value when it’s all said and done. Sometimes the stars line up in ways that seem awkward, and yet everything works out for the best.

No go watch “It Happened One Night” and see what I mean. You won’t regret it.

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