Christie Brinkley, Swimsuit Issue 1979
Christie Brinkley (source: People)

February 2 is Christie Brinkley’s birthday.

Christie Brinkley has quite the Aquarian chart. She not only has the sun in the sign, but also Mercury and Venus. What’s more, the moon moved from Capricorn into Aquarius just before noon in Michigan on the day she was born. Without a birth time, I can’t be sure where Brinkley’s moon lands.

Even without that information, I can conclude that Brinkley has strong Aquarius influences in her chart. So what does that mean? I often discuss her as a paradigm of “conventional glamour.” It’s a style I assign to Aquarius. Want to learn more? Click the link above and buy my book.

Anyway, the word “unconventional” is likely to come up when discussing Aquarius natives, but I have long, convoluted theory about how people with Aquarius as their sun sign express themselves. In a nutshell, they either choose a Saturnian path, a Uranian path, or a path that is all their own.

I’d put Brinkley on the Saturnian path. If her moon was in Capricorn, that would make sense. It would actually just add to the planets in her chart which are in detriment: both the sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini sit opposite their ruling signs. It makes her natal a combination of several “muted” influences.

I’d also give Brinkley a Libra rising. That would put most of these weakly expressed planets in her fourth house, and Mars in her second house. She’s not a very “out-there” personality, even for someone who has managed to stay in the spotlight forever. Plus, she marries well, even though she has never needed the financial support of a spouse. Mars in Scorpio in the second house would explain a few things about her chart.

You know, it’s fun to speculate about these things. I tend to avoid chart rectification as much as possible because I see so many astrologers making ridiculous leaps of logic with their clients, but I don’t mind starting a conversation about a celebrity. Brinkley has been a star since the seventies, so I’m sure that she’s heard a lot worse from the peanut gallery.

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